We have new ladies on the farm!


Meet the new girls. The one on the right came with the name Guppy. The one on the left is Peanut. We are naming all of our new cows flower names and have picked Sweet Pea for the one on the right and Cleome for the one on the left.

We call her Cleo.  She is very skittish and doesn’t like to be touched or cornered. She is slowly coming around but it will take time.  She is dry right now which means she is pregnant and not producing milk. Normally they only have a 60 day dry off period but she came from a very high producing dairy in Iowa that drys them off as soon as production drops even a little bit or if their body condition changes. She is due in July so has a long, lazy time ahead of her.

Sweet Pea is just that. She’s sweet and curious and into everything. She didn’t take well to our milker because she had never been milked by a human. They use robots where she was milked. They could go into the milker whenever they wanted, as often as they wanted.  The robot knew who they were and made them pass through if it was too soon to be milked again. We had plenty of kicking going on to say the least.  She is now, happily, using the milker and enjoying her feed and alfalfa. We hoped she was bred but that was not to be. She started her heat on Monday yelling and screaming like any female does. Jack, in the other field, did  his share of yelling also. It was pretty obvious what was going on.

Duchess is still waiting on the arrival of her little one. It could be any time now but her due date is the 27th. I will let her have the calf full time for a week or so and then it will be taken away at night for a morning milking and the spend the day with Mommy, unless Mommy has other ideas. Duchess isn’t known for her parenting skills. She loves to love them but doesn’t like nursing. Hmm. I know other Mommies like that.

I can’t, legally, advertise raw milk for sale. Boy do I have lots of milk, wink wink. If you would like to contact us about eggs or anything else, please email at asweetwaterfarm.com. We would be happy to hear from you. We are hoping to be able to do an open farm day this Spring, after the cows have settled into a routine. If you would be interested in visiting the farm, please let us know. If there is enough interest, we will be happy to do it.

Happy Spring Everyone!!


  1. Chris Richards says:

    I would love to come to Spring farm day… I’m sure it’s beautiful out there that time of year.

  2. Susan Tucker says:

    Would love to come out sometime Rebecca! Life is Large for you and Phil; so crazy happy for you 8)

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