It Was a Smokin Sunday at the Farm

Look what we were up to this weekend. Sausage making!



It didn’t look like much when we got started. We used eleven pounds of ground pork and eleven pounds of venison that we were given. We wanted to try two different recipes and settled on one with garlic and red wine and one cajun recipe.  Problem with the red wine is that we didn’t have any. We used something even better. Phill had a great year with his home made Elderberry wine so we have Garlic Elderberry sausage and Cajun.


All the meat is ground twice. Once into chunks and once finely ground, like hamburger. The spices are then added as well as the wine or a bit of water and it is ground again to distribute the seasonings evenly through the meat. It’s starting to smell really good about now. The smell of ground spices, wine and raw meat is amazing. I know, I’m a little crazy, but I found all this so exciting.


While they were busy grinding, the casings were soaking in warm salt water. At the top  you can see how they come. They are rather hard and flat. The salt water makes them pliable and hydrated so they don’t remove moisture from the meat. We didn’t use natural casing for our first try. We’ve used them in brats and they are harder to work with so we thought we would give these a try. They aren’t edible so will have to be removed when eating the finished product.


Here Phill and Tyler tackle the job of filling the casings. We wanted one pound sausages so there were two per casing. My job was to tie between the sausages to end one sausage and to tie again to make a loop to hang the next sausage. It was a little like Laurel and Hardy to begin with but we figured it out and it was much smoother by the time we got to the end of it. Everything was labeled with the correct type. I splurged when buying my grinder/ stuffer and am so glad I did. This thing feeds meat through as fast as you can feed it and with the foot controlled starter the person holding the tube can control exactly how much meat is going into the tube. AWESOME!


Into the smoker. Now here is where things got interesting. We bought this proofer way back in 1993 and had it in storage all these years. Phill gave it away a few months ago to a gentleman he works with who turned it into a smoker. We borrowed it back for this project. Funny how those things go. He disconnected the thermostat on it which we found to be troublesome but  our Go Go Gadget son, Tyler, hooked it back up so we would have good control over the temperature. The smell of Apple Wood chips permeated the air. It smelled so good. Can’t you just smell  it as we speak?  See the little ones? Those we made for gifts or samples. If this works out, we will do that again on a larger scale.


AND HERE THEY ARE!  They were cooled in water this morning after 15 hours of smoking. They will be refrigerated today and then vacuum sealed and frozen.  Our next batch will be slow smoked and hung to dry for several weeks. Those won’t need refrigeration.

We had a great time with this and learned a lot. I know a smoke house is on the agenda. Right after the bee hives, milking parlor, new workshop and Elderberry field. I hope you enjoyed sharing our day with us. Upcoming posts will include the bee hives Tyler and Phill worked on and the clearing of the driveway to plant 100 dogwood, rosebud and other flowering trees that Austin and I are working on.  Please let us know if you would like to come see the farm. Baby calf due March 20th and baby chicks arriving March 27th. So EXCITED.  Life is short. Grab the dream.

We Would Love To Here From You!