Helpful Tips When Visiting a Farm


Baby Jack. So cute and innocent.


Please always call ahead.  

 Nothing stops on the farm because someone comes for a visit. We may be cutting wood or cleaning brush. We may be butchering chickens or building fence. You never know what might be going on and some things are more family friendly than others. Give us a few days notice if possible.




Let us know WAY in advance if you plan to be here for a meal.

We love to share our farm fresh food with you. We just don’t have fast food. No quick freezer meals or canned soup. Everything we eat is as close to  home made as we can get it. It’s slow food. If you are coming for the day, feel free to bring a picnic. We have lots of places that make for a beautiful spot for that. Or just let us know in advance and we will throw some soup in a pot and make a couple of loaves of home made bread with butter from Miss Duchess and you will believe you’ve gone to heaven.  If you’re really good about letting us know, you might even get one of these.



Home made Take five cake. It was delicious. Can’t you just taste it  now!


Watch Your Children

While we love to have children here, and feel it is important for children to learn where their food comes from, it can be a dangerous place if children are left unattended, even for a minute. Above you can see Stormy introducing her son to Duchess. She’s on it. She’s keeping herself between the animal and her son. One flick of her hand and that cow is out of there!  With so much going on, animals, electric fences, tractors and the like, we believe in safety first and that responsibility belongs to you, the parents, grandparents, teachers or whoever brought these wonderful children here. We want them to go home excited, healthy and exhausted. So do you!



Keep your pets under control at all times.

One of the greatest things about our farm is allowing your dogs to run and play to their hearts content. We want your animals and ours to be friends. Please put your dogs on a leash when they come until we know if they will chase chickens or cows. These animals contribute so much to the income and satisfaction of our farm and are part of our family. We would be devastated if your dogs were hurt, or worse, because they chased Duchess or Jack. We do have a place to kennel your dog if chasing becomes an issue or if they have problems with our English Shepherds. Our dogs are working dogs and have free reign of the farm. They are almost always friendly with other dogs but there is always the possibility of problems. Give it a try. It is so fun to watch a city dog get its farm game on. They will go home as exhausted as the children.


dutches and jack 003


Come prepared for mud and poop.

Lots of mud and poop.  Don’t wear your Sunday best. Period. Wear clothes that can get dirty, and even torn. Animals poop. Everywhere. All the time. Rubber boots or muck boots are your best friend out here. We don’t stop working just because you show up. You might want to get in the middle of things and help in the garden or muck out the barn. You may just want to hike in the woods or visit the creek. We appreciate your help. There is always more to do than we can get done and most people want to see what it’s really like so join us. Help us. Learn to drive a tractor. But bring a change of clothes and an extra pair of shoes. You will be happy you did and so will your car.


My house will not look like a magazine.

I don’t have a picture for this one. I would be embarrassed to show you what my house looks like some times. I have laundry. Lots of it. It piles up on the back porch just waiting to become a priority. I always have dishes in the sink. I don’t think I’ve seen my island cleaned off for weeks. And all that mud that’s outside? Somehow it seems to come inside even though the muck boots come off at the door. Please come on in and enjoy yourself. Put your feet on the coffee table. Get yourself a drink from the fridge. Help yourself to a cookie from the cookie jar. It always has something in it. Our house is your house when you visit. Please respect it and love it like you do your own.

We Would Love To Here From You!