Sweet Water Farm is a small farm located in Mid Missouri near Linn. We started raising our chickens first for ourselves, and then decided there was a demand for range free chicken eggs. We believe not feeding our chickens lots of steroids, and antibiotic’s, produces a much tastier egg. Our chickens are treated like family and are not pushed to produce more than is natural for them. We now incubate our own eggs as we increase our egg production, and as all chickens molt and quit laying, we need to have enough chickens to meet our egg demand. We sell locally, and our customers become our friends.

Soon we will be adding some goats and produce a small amount of goat’s milk, we have not decided yet on what the plans are if there is more than we can consume.

The farm is an ideal place to let people get away from the noise in the city and we have plans to take advantage of this in the future as well as its natural beauty. Keep coming back and checking in as we will be adding things all the time to our farm, and we will keep you up-to-date with our blog.

We thank you for visiting our website and if anything interests you please contact us via the contact form.

We have the finest free range eggs for sale by the dozen. Our chickens eat a diet of bugs, insects, seed and other free forage.
Our chickens are treated with care and love